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Phuket Property Investment – Where & What to Invest

By Waller, 2017-01-16

Every type of dwelling sells well here especially condominiums, as they can be wholly owned.

Depending on your budget and the type of project / purchase you envisage, there is still plenty of investment potential around the Island.

Buying land, with all the attendant problems is still a good idea, since it is relatively scarce.

For example, you should still be able to find space to buy land and build a house or a small to medium complex of condominiums in the Chalong / Nai Harn areas in the south.

In Patong there is next to nothing available by the way of virgin land and demolition is often the first stage of any construction project.


Although the popular West Coast, due to demand and restrictive, but sensible, building regulations, is now moving toward saturation point,the improving infrastructure is now opening up new areas such as the Mission Hills Golf Complex and the North and East coasts.

Although these areas don't enjoy the facilities of the tourist traps and the beaches, there are still some beautiful jungle, mountain and sea views.

Prices here are much cheaper than on the popular West Coast and if you're looking for peace and seclusion, this could be the place for you. Although as an investment, your return will reflect this fact.

If money is no object, you could join the large multinational hotels in the North and East, where there is space for large complexes, marinas, or even golf courses.

The 5 star boutique hotels give first–rate returns and owners can expect around 60% of rental fees after management deductions and the owner occupier will normally find him / her self in an exceptionally strong sellers market if they decide to pull up roots.

There are also small fortunes to be made, buying property "off–plan" with a 100% return on your investment being possible within 12/18 months.


The risk factor depends entirely on who you buy from and what and where the property is.

Many developers can even arrange rental management packages, as can your local estate agent.

Buying to rent is also a feasible proposition with a 5 to 15% return depending on your mortgage and again what and where you buy, and of course there is still the capital gain component as well.

Remember when you're buying land to get your lawyer to double check ownership documents and make sure you have access to water and other public utilities and that you can obtain planning permission.

Written by Waller
2017-01-16, 0 Comments

Prices here are much cheaper than on the popular West Coast and if you're looking for peace and seclusion, this could be the place for you. Although as an investment, your return will reflect this fact.

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