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Mayan Apartments: the new era – the facelift

By admin , 2018-06-05

Mayan Apartments has been a hive of activity since I arrived.

Everyday repairs are made. Light bulbs are changed, new gas hobs are installed, furniture bought and placed in the rooms…………….so much to do.

I’m impressed with the attention to detail. It’s clear there is a vision for this place and every effort is being made to bring that vision to life. It’s sometimes slow – we are on Thai time after all, but there is progress and it’s all good.

I can’t say enough about how cool this place is.

It is situated at the end of a long soi with its own private road leading down into a dead end where the property is nestled in this magical, little, tropical garden.

I’ve seen pictures of the place before Tony and the team moved in and I can say there have been some significant improvements.

The small swimming/dipping pool was providing a bit of a problem until it was decided that it could become a lily pond complete with koi carp. It fits quite perfectly into the scenery of the garden. It has invited some unwanted guests – the stray cats!! But so far no missing fish.

The reception was made a little more welcoming with 2 nice red sofas and a water machine. Little things are sometimes important.

The previous signs were a bit little austere warning guests of the consequences of not paying the deposit. This was raised by a review on saying that it was a little off-putting. The team listened and responded by putting in new signs saying ‘welcome’ in English, Chinese and Russian. Another sign indicating that this was the Reception area was put up after some customers tried booking in quite late and got a little lost. Little things not only brighten a place but also help guests navigate the complex. It’s all a learning curve and things are really beginning to take shape and even the most obvious things missed by the previous managers are on the list of the team here.

Talking of signs a big grand sign has been placed at the entrance to the complex replacing an old worn out sign. The logo is sophisticated – it says luxury and comfort.

Flags with the same logo line the long drive as you arrive at the complex. When complete with flowers and a border it will look quite stunning.

I’m developing a bit of a soft spot for this place. I’m wishing it so much good luck as it has so much potential.

Watch this space……..

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2018-06-05, 0 Comments

Mayan Apartments has been a hive of activity since I arrived.

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Mayan Apartments has been a hive of activity since I arrived.

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