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Mayan Apartments – Phuket’s best kept secret

By admin , 2018-07-23

Nestled at the bottom of a private road in Saiyuan, Rawai is a magical place set in a quiet, lush garden. Formerly known as Mayan Place Apartments, it is now called Mayan Apartments. It is situated on Soi Tok Dum which runs off Soi Saiyuan the main road running through Saiyuan on the way to Naiharn.

It is a complex on 3 floors comprising 10 luxury apartments. As mentioned elsewhere in the blog it is undergoing major renovation to both the inside and the outside of the building. As a temporary resident it has been really interesting to watch its metamorphosis.

You’ll know you are on the right road as you’ll notice the building designed with the pyramids in mind just on the horizon. A quick dog-leg in the road brings you to a short driveway - lined with Mayan Apartment flags - that opens up into a car park. Behind the car park are the garden and a pool. Security barriers ensure privacy for the guests and on booking in you are issued a small device which allows access to the complex as and when you like.

Follow the signs for Reception and here you are at your very own Phuket Hideaway.

The place is quite safe and secluded. I have spent many happy hours sunbathing in the well-maintained tropical garden and of course dipping into the pool. If you like gardens and flowers this garden doesn’t disappoint. Nestled amongst hardy Frangipani trees you’ll find delicate pla-pleung, amaryllis and red hot pokers. Spend some time relaxing and you’ll see a varied range of wildlife – birds and insects I wouldn’t know the names of.

Early morning coffee taken in the garden is just perfect.

The garden currently has a sala with a fridge and electrical points so you can use your laptop amongst other things, sitting under cover from the sun. There is a plan to extend the sala so that breakfast al fresco can be served. The hope is that this will be functional ready for high season.

Maybe you like cooking outside in which case a barbeque is provided and situated in the sala.

The car park currently has space for only a small number of cars and motorbikes. There is a plan to build a small shelter for motorbikes which will allow a little bit more room for resident’s cars and minibuses dropping off guests.

There is a definite vision for this complex and as I’ve said before a lot of time and effort is going in to bring it to life.

Enjoy your stay here………………it’s a sweet experience.

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Nestled at the bottom of a private road in Saiyuan, Rawai is a magical place set in a quiet, lush garden.

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