An Exceedingly Rare 4 Bed Penhouse

Property ID: PPM-NICHE-14

Price Starting From: 140,869,295 THB

4 bed Penthouse properties are rare on Phuket. However, we have one for you, and it comes with a huge terrace and knock-out sea views. No, I’m not exaggerating. Imagine, if you will a luxury apartment with over 460 sqm covered area. Now, if you living in Hong Kong or Singapore, that sqm. is equivalent to your local Ikea, or nearly. So its pretty big. And, we can’t think of an Ikea with tropical sea views!

Ok, that might be a little light-hearted, but seriously, this penthouse has to be seen to be believed. Huge ceilings, beautiful hardwood flooring and colonnades, Jim Thompson silk wall panels, Thai artifacts, you get the idea I’m sure. It just so…..amazing. If you think we’re playing it up a bit, you are more than welcome to have a viewing and then tell us your thoughts.

Entering the apartment you immediately have the feeling that this property is going to be something special. Welcomed by the large bronze lions standing on guard by the over-sized double teak doors, guests are faced with an apartment exuding opulence and character.

Either side of the colonnade lined hallway are two expansive guest bedrooms, both with tasteful en-suites as standard.The dining area is spacious and large enough to accommodate 8 guests comfortably. The main living and relaxation area is set slightly lower than the rest of the residence making the area both functional and easy on the eye. The European kitchen is a delight to use, well equipped, and spacious. A separate laundry room is next to the kitchen and comes with washing machine and dryer.