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Ocean’s 11 Villa

Property ID: hr-1011

Price Starting From: 54,818 THB

On the east coast of Phuket, Thailand, visitors can enjoy a luxurious stay at the five star rated, luxury villa rental, the Ocean’s 11 Villa. The villa offers its guests pristine and breathtaking views of both the Phang Nga Bay and Andaman Sea. The Ocean’s 11 Villa provides its guest with all of the creature comforts of home, but with an upscale appeal and ambiance. The spacious elegant room designs allow for a carefree and relaxing vacation from one’s rigid daily schedules. Relaxing and comfortably designed indoor and outdoor lounging areas, next to the villa’s signature infinity pool, await guests. Additionally, guests have access to a private beach on its front, perfect for a morning stroll or run when the sun rises.

Each room of the villa is impeccably decorated with cushions and fabrics that feature exotic patterns. The plush decor anywhere at the villa is intelligently complimented with lighting fixtures that are aglow with soft metal accents.

Evenings at the Villa are increasingly captivating due to the gorgeous sunsets that crown the villa’s surrounding. Guests are encouraged to enjoy a movie in a vibrantly designed private cinema room or perhaps a moonlight swim on the pool and enjoy a soothing and calming bath as you gaze onto the plush landscape of the villa.

From each room within this luxurious villa, guests are provided with multiple views of the gorgeous natural surroundings that Phuket has to offer. Guest are able to take in the land and sea that is expressly captivating and alluring.

Whether planning a fall or summer visit, the Ocean’s 11 Villa in Phuket, Thailand is an optimal choice. Every person that has visited and stayed at the villa thus far, has made return visits. Enjoy the Villa itself as well as nearby beaches and local fan fair. The modern design of the villa, overall, is able to provide the perfect setting for a formidable vacation. Leave Ocean’s 11 Villa feeling relaxed, brimming with memories and ready to tackle life’s daily battles.